Welcome to Your AFS Chapter Site

September 24, 2018

  1. Post Categories – You can use Announcements, News, or Updates. We’ll occasionally publish our AFS corporate content to your site.
  2. Create some banner ads. You can schedule how long they should run with a start and end date. Any ads published during the same time frame will rotate randomly in that position. There are two positions to choose from, Sidebar and Homepage Top.
  3. Create a Photo Gallery. Follow our example content.
  4. Customize Your Site info with the Options page. Set your address, contact info, and social media links.
  5. Events – You may want to check out the Events Manager Documentation. If you want to be able to charge for events, be sure to visit the Payment Gateway PayPal Settings to add your PayPal account email. And if you’re looking to make use of Google Maps, you can add your Google Maps API Key in the Events Manager Settings, General tab, Google Maps and Location Services section.
  6. Plugins
  7. Settings